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Services in the Bishops-Stortford area


Wills Solicitors and Estate Planning in Bishops-Stortford

Specialists in Wills, Will Writing and Inheritance Planning in Bishops-Stortford
Abbey Broadway Legal specialise in Will Writing & Inheritance Planning. Writing your Will can provide you with security and peace of mind, not just for you but for those you care about. We provide a full range of legal services including:
Living Wills
Protective Property Will
Disabled Person’s Trust
Probate / Executry Services
Children’s / Grandchildren’s Trusts
Document Storage
Pre Paid Funeral Plan
Advance Directive 
Lasting Power of Attorney
Will Storage

Our Will Writing Consultants situated in Bishops-Stortford are there to offer you sound, practical advice at your home, your office or wherever is convenient for you. For further information on will writing and legal services in Bishops-Stortford or an informal chat, please contact your local will writing consultant in Bishops-Stortford.


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Bishops-Stortford Will Writing Services|Bishops-Stortford Wills|

Our Wills and Estate Planning team in Bishops-Stortford are a group of specialists who can help you plan today for tomorrow's circumstances. There are many provisions you can make now with a little time and effort to ensure your family is financially stable, even if you're not around.

With the minimum amount of fuss, we can help you make sure your hard-earned assets go to the people you want it to; With some early planning, we can keep inheritance tax liabilities to a minimum

If you feel that your circumstances are very straightforward and you live in Bishops-Stortford, you may want to

consider using our Postal or Online option .

Simply request an Application Form and Terms of Business via email to

Complete the application form and return by post with your discounted payment.



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Inheritance Tax Planning in Bishops-Stortford


Inheritance Tax principally is tax paid as a result of your death on all your estate: house, savings, car, antiques, household items, life policies, cash lump sums, inheritance from parents etc. The first £325,000 is tax-free. Everything over £325,000 is taxed at a rate of 40%.

So, on a total estate of say £400,000, there would be a tax bill to be paid of over £30,000 . This is money that you will not be able to leave to anyone except the taxman! What could your children do with this?.

The very bottom line is whether you would rather give your hard earned money to the taxman or to your children/grandchildren.Let your local estate planner in Bishops-Stortford help you mitigate against Inheritance tax if at all possible.

Trusts in Bishops-Stortford

What is a Trust?

A Trust is a legal arrangement (also known as a "Settlement") that enables you to give away assets but restrict or direct how and when they are used. Trusts can be used to make gifts in your lifetime and they can also be set up under the terms of a Will.

Who are the three main participants?

•The settlor:
this is the person who created the trust and normally gives away the assets that are placed in the trust
•The beneficiary:
this is the person who is to receive the assets or benefit from them. A beneficiary can also be a trustee and/or the settlor.
•The trustee:
this is the person(s) who looks after the assets ensuring they are invested/used in accordance with the rules of the trust and general trust laws.

Making a Lasting Power Of Attorney in Bishops-Stortford



There are two types of Power of Attorney; General and Lasting.

General Power of Attorney:

This is where someone is given legal authority to act on your behalf in financial matters in your best interests e.g. when you are out of the country. It becomes invalid when you lose mental capacity to manage your own affairs. It also stops on your death.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA):

This is a Power of Attorney which continues after you might become mentally or physically incapable of handling your own affairs. It protects people who may not be able to make some decisions for themselves e.g. those with dementia, learning difficulties, mental health problems, stroke, head injuries, accident or illness.

As part of our will writing service in Bishops-Stortford our estate planners can create your power of attorney either to look after your personal financial or welfare affairs.


Making a lasting power of attorney in Bishops-Stortford|Create a lasting power of Attorney in Bishops-Stortford |Registering a power of attorney in Bishops-Stortford|Power of attorney application |


Compare Prepaid Funeral Plans in Bishops-Stortford

Compare Prepaid Funeral Plans in Bishops-Stortford

We compare funeral plans and providers nationwide offering you free advice to help you get the best plan that meets your needs at a discounted price. Quite simply we get paid a commission for every plan we sell which we are happy to share with you

Enjoy exclusive £100 cash back rewards payable by Abbey Broadway on each and every funeral plan purchased today from selected Funeral Plan providers

Will Storage in Bishops-Stortford


Our will storage facilities in Bishops-Stortfordgives you “peace of mind” knowing their most important Legal Documents are safe. A Lost Will is the same as dying Intestate. Why take the risk of their Documents being lost or destroyed? Imagine trying to prove the contents of a lost Will especially when any copies could be easily disputed.

It is advisable for clients inBishops-Stortford, particularly in cases where there is Trust Work to be carried out on first death, that they store their Legal Documents with us. We can then advise the surviving spouse as to the best way forward and arrange to have put in place whatever Trusts are required.


Wills and Probate in Bishops-Stortford

 Wills and Probate in Bishops-Stortford

Estate administration can be an extremely daunting task for someone who has recently lost a loved one.

Dealing with the Courts, the Banks and the Inland Revenue is time consuming and emotionally draining.

Our Probate / Executry company,  can take care of everything on your behalf. From ingathering the Estate to finalising tax matters, we have the experience required. To assist you with Probate and Executry services inBishops-Stortford.

Making a Will in Bishops-Stortford

Our Quick Wills postal and online options in Bishops-Stortford offers an easy, affordable and time efficient solution to putting your affairs in order and comes  with full telephone support from our Wills specialists.

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