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Will Writing Service Manchester

We make writing your will quick and simple

Make Writing A Will Easy

Quick and Simple

We offer clients a hassle-free will writing service nationwide that lets you make your Will quickly and easily, in just two quick home visits from our expert will-writing team.

There are no forms to fill in (except the one at the bottom of the page). We do all the work. All you need to do is answer a few questions. Your friendly Abbey Broadway expert Will Writer will do the rest for you.

Convenient Appointments

You can book your home visits at a time convenient for you, in the daytime, on an evening and even at weekends.

The process of making a Will is made as simple and easy for you as possible - free from unnecessary legal jargon and complexities.

A Fraction Of The Cost

Our Will Writer’s prices are amongst the most competitive on the market - we will write your will for a fraction of the cost of others, without compromising on quality. In most cases we will save you money. Probate costs in the UK are ever-rising. Many 'free' Will services have hidden probate costs that can often be surprisingly high-cost. Did you know that a free 'Charity Will' could cost you 10% or more of your estate's value? We could save you thousands of pounds in probate fees alone, enabling you to give even more to Charity than such a Charity Will might allow, which is a win-win for you and the Charity.

All our Wills are tailor-made for your specific circumstances, and individually drafted by professional legal executives.

Limit Inheritance Tax

A Will Ensures Your Loved Ones Are Cared For

Your Will expresses how you want your estate to be divided among your loved ones after you pass on, and you want to give as much as you can to them, and as little as possible to the taxman. Our professional will writers can advise you on ways to reduce the burden of inheritance tax so your loved ones get more of your estate. You don’t need to take any time off work. Our professional Will Writers make it all simple, straightforward, and completely stress-free. Your friendly locally-based Will Writer in Huddersfield will ask you all the details you need to have your Will drafted. This usually takes no longer than 45 to 60 minutes, in the comfort of your own home.

A Will stands as the legal written record of your wishes after your death. It is a legally binding document explaining how you would like to distribute your Estate. It gives you complete peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are taken care of.

Important Warnings

You NEED a will in this day and age:

DO NOT think everyone in your family will want to share your estate fairly if you don't write a will. Arguments over the estate of a deceased family member are surprisingly common and split families when greed overcomes love.

DO NOT leave your Estate without a will if you want to avoid a potentially massive inheritance tax bill and ever-increasing legal fees.

DO NOT die without a will if you have step-children or a common-law partner. If you have step-family or a common-law partner, they will not receive anything from your estate if you do not write a will including them - even if you've all been together for more than 50 years.

Complete the form at the bottom of this page to let us put you in touch with your local Will Writer in Huddersfield, or call us on 01484 500 910 today.

Your Will is a very important document, with significant effect on your family once you're not around to take care of them.At Abbey Broadway we understand the importance of a well-written legally binding will in your life. We offer you the very best will writing service in the Lancashire region to ensure you avoid any family disputes and to make certain that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Leave nothing to chance. Your Will is important and must be drawn up by expert will writers, so at Abbey Broadway we leave no stone unturned to offer you professional will writing services that let you protect your loved ones, and your assets.

Why do you need a Will?

Having a will is increasingly important in these troubled times. Arguing over the estate of a loved one breaks up a number of families every year. To show why you need a will, It is often easier to answer the question by looking at what can happen if you die without making a will.

Without a Will:

  • Your partner may not be able to inherit your property and possessions
  • If you are unmarried, your partner will not receive anything as the law treats you both as unmarried
  • If you have children, particularly stepchildren, guardianship of the children would become unclear. A Court will decide their future, and who looks after them.
  • If you have intended a gift for your friend or grandchild it won’t reach them

Making a Will ensures that the right things go to the right people. It avoids family squabbles and minimises inheritance tax on your estate. This helps your spouse and children inherit the maximum amount possible in the shortest amount of time without any joint accounts being frozen or house sales being forced.

In certain circumstances our Will Writers can advise you regarding mitigation of care home fees for the elderly.

Why make a Will with us?

We offer professional will writing services and experienced will writing advice tailored to meet the requirements of your individual circumstances and needs. Our Will Writing service is designed around two simple 30 to 45 minute appointments in the comfort of your home at a time convenient to you with your local professional Will Writer.

Abbey Broadway are professional Will Writers who are members of recognised Will Writing institutes in the UK who agree to the Will Writers Code of Professional Conduct.


Start Making Your Will

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NHS Discounts List

Ministry of Justice’s probate fee increase could cost charities £18m per year

In this article, Chris Millward, CEO at the Institute of Legacy Management shared his views on the approved increase in probate fees and commented on the potential impact that the changes could bring.

The Ministry of Justice’s recent announcement that it will go ahead with proposed increases in probate fees from May, despite overwhelming calls to the contrary, has been met with criticism and concern by many in the sector.

The replacement of the fixed probate fee – reflecting the simple service performed – for a system whereby estates above £50,000 will be graded according to value, rising to as much as £20,000 for those worth more than £2million, has been criticised by many as unjust, as the cost of the probate work is largely irrelevant to the size of the estate. The move is therefore seen as introducing a ‘steal tax’ (on top of the inheritance tax already in force). Indeed, the proposed fee will result in so much more than is needed to cover the administrative costs for the court service to deal with probate applications that the resulting income will be classified by the Office for National Statistics as tax.

An online petition to ask the government to reconsider these fees has now reached over 17,000 signatures, and we are urging our members, and others, to take a moment to sign the petition

Impact on charitable income

The Institute of Legacy Management (ILM) is one of the organisations opposed to these increases. We are extremely disappointed that the changes are being pushed through despite the opposition of many and, alongside our 600 members (legacy professionals within charities and law firms specialising in legacies), we are greatly concerned that they will mean that charities will see a significant reduction in the income they receive.

We believe that charities stand to lose around £18million per year in legacy income as a result of this decision. Many of these organisations are reliant on legacy gifts to carry out their vital work, so a reduction of this magnitude, especially at a time of increased demand and pressure on other sources of funding, is deeply troubling.

When charities receive less money, it is their beneficiaries who suffer. Donors will also be affected, as the causes they have generously chosen to support in their will receive less of the money intended for them.

Executors under pressure

We are also concerned about the impact on families and executors, especially at such a distressing time. Increases in house prices mean that many people who inherit estates containing property will have much larger costs for a grant of probate than they would have under the current system. As in many cases the property is likely to be the primary asset, some will have difficulty funding these fees, which need to be paid, on top of other expenses such as funeral costs and inheritance tax, before they can access what they have been left by the deceased.

For executors, who are already undertaking a difficult task, the added financial pressure will impose a large burden. The impact of this awareness on donors, and potential donors, is of concern. It would be extremely detrimental if testators opted to leave less money to charities to compensate for the reduced amount received by family and friends, or simply to include no legacy gift at all.

Call for charity exemption

In light of these considerations, ILM submitted a response to the Ministry of Justice consultation on the proposed changes last year. Along with the majority of respondents, we opposed the changes: out of the 829 responses to the consultation document, 63 agreed with the proposals, 695 disagreed and 71 neither agreed nor disagreed. It seems the results of the consultation have largely been ignored.

Therefore we are now calling on the Ministry of Justice to urgently reconsider the proposal.

We would like to see an exemption from any fee where a charity is the applicant and where all of an estate is devolved on to charities. Or at most, a minimal fixed fee for charities.

We will be contacting the Ministry of Justice to outline our thoughts, with the support of our members, in the hope that the changes will be reversed in the interests of charities and those that are reliant on them.

People should plan for care costs - Hunt

Long-term care costs in old age will be capped at £75,000 as part of a £1 billion initiative, health secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced.

He heralded the reforms as "historic", pointing out they will save thousands of people from having to sell their family homes to pay for care.

However, campaigners have stressed that the cap, which will be funded by extending inheritance tax, is too high given that it is double the £35,000 recommended by the Dilnot Commission in 2011.

Meanwhile, thousands more people will face inheritance tax payments because of a three-year extension of the freeze in the £325,000 threshold - £650,000 for couples - at which it kicks in at 40%.

Mr Hunt also revealed that the threshold to supply means-tested Government support for care bills will rise from £23,250 to £123,000.

The measures, which will be introduced as part of the Care and Support Bill that from 2017, will benefit around 100,000 people every year who do not currently receive support, Mr Hunt added.

It is hoped that with guarantees over the maximum bill, will give people the chance to buy insurance that protects against possible care costs.

Mr Hunt also revealed that there will be a lower cap introduced for people who have care needs before they reach retirement age, while people with needs when they turn 18 will be entitled to free care.

He told MPs that people in Britain need to start thinking about social care costs in the same way they plan for their pensions.

Mr Hunt stressed that this is something UK Governments have left unchecked for too long.

"Whilst there are many other things that need to be done to prepare for an ageing population, these reforms do herald a historic change in the way that care and support is funded in this country," he added.

FREE Will Storage throughout January 2013 for more info contact us via phone on :0800 1956 740

OR via email Ref:Free Will Storage

What happens to your estate when you die without a will? Are the rules changing?


Single parents offered discounted wills

SINGLE parents are being offered the opportunity to have a heavily discounted will written to protect their children’s future.

The Society of Will Writers (SWW), the UK’s leading professional body for the will-writing industry, is once again hosting Single Parent Month throughout January. Research has shown that single parents are one of the most likely groups not to have a will and the SWW is keen to change this.

We are offering single parents throughout the UK a chance to have their will written at a greatly reduced cost in the hope it will make them think about their children’s future and ensure, should anything happen to them, their children’s’ welfare is assured and that they would be entrusted to the person that they want to care for them, instead of leaving it to chance.

SWW Director General, Brian McMillan, said: “As parents with young children most of us never think about dying but sadly not all parents live long enough to see their children grow up. For single parents particularly, a will is the most important thing you can do for your children to ensure that guardianship and trusts are put in place should the unthinkable happen before your child is 18.

Throughout the month of January, our consultants across the country will be offering to write a single parent’s will for a fixed fee of £35 regardless of circumstances.

For further information about this initiative, or to book an appointment , please contact us on 08450 526 840 or email
Quoting: SWW ABBEY

Law commission Reforms on Intestacy


Q:My husband and I were separated but not divorced, and he has now died leaving a will in which he gives his share of the house to our three daughters
Our ownership of the house was split 50/50 by a notice of severance
Will i have to go to court to have this overturned ?

A: When couples separate it is standard practice to issue a Notice of Severance. By signing such a notice, the property is held as tenants in common so that each party is able to dispose of their half share under a will

The children may have to go to court if you refuse to sell or buy out their half share in the property
However, since you weren’t divorced at the date of his death you may be able to claim a share of your husband’s estate if no provision has been made for you


It has long been the case that gifts in Wills provide a vital source of income for charities. It may surprise you to learn that many charities state that 80% of their voluntary donations come from legacy income.....

Have you made a will yet

Don't take chances with DIY Wills

Many people in the UK choose to write their own Will rather than use professionals. They may save some money but if it goes wrong they won’t be around to sort it out, their beneficiaries will have to. more

Beat rising funeral prices by paying for funeral costs in advance read more ....



“If I can’t take it with me, I’m not going…”read more

Making arrangements for yourself ragarding Powers of Attorney's more


Staff here at Abbey Broadway would like to wish all our customers old and new a merry christmas and a happy new year

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Moving abroad: Will writing

Those living abroad need two wills - one for any assets in Britain and one covering their property and savings where they live. Some countries, such as France, restrict how property and land can be passed on.

Special rules cover Crown Servants - diplomats, civil servants or members of the armed forces who are posted overseas. Normally, they still pay UK taxes and will be able to claim benefits such as the Child Tax Credit no matter where they are living.

• Inland Revenue booklet IR20 is the starting point for tax advice. Order it on 08459 000404 or download it from


- New survey reveals the stress of sorting out legal and financial affairs of the departed
- Probate forms more dreaded than mortgage applications and tax returns

A new survey into the UK probate process has revealed some shocking statistics about our attitude towards, and knowledge of, what happens after a death in the family.

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